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Judy Omumbo, PhD

Senior Program Manager, Science for Africa Foundation

Dr. Judy Omumbo is an accomplished climate change and global health expert and professional. She is Head of Programmes at Science for Africa Foundation, managing bespoke programmes that develop research excellence, career progression of emerging to leading African scientists, and facilitate the research ecosystem in Africa. Judy also fosters partnerships within the research ecosystem, which entails generating innovative scientific ideas that address the Africa’s most pressing developmental needs, while championing the foundation’s efforts for funding from early discovery sciences to translation sciences. Her passion is to mentor young women scientists to become world-class leaders in their fields of study. In her various capacities, she has advised on several national policies addressing vector control, anti-malarial drug resistance, and the impact of interventions against malaria on child mortality and more widely in the research and policy dialogue on climate change adaptation and resilience. She is a member of the WMO Research Board, the Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA), co-chair of the WMO COVID Task Team on Air Quality and Meteorological Factors in COVD-19 transmission, and member of the Health and Environment Study Group of the WMO/WHO climate and health program.


All Sessions by Judy Omumbo, PhD

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Breakout Room

Breakout Session 1: The World Around Us

8:45 AM - 9:15 AM
Grand Station Ballroom

The World Around Us Keynote