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How does the environment shape human health, and how can we reimagine science and health care while preserving the world around us?


We will discuss how the ever-changing environment shapes our health, modifies our disease risk, and affects our general well-being, as well as new approaches and tools to improve human health in ways that protect our natural resources and do not pollute our environment.


What is our microbiome, how does it impact human health, and how might we modify it and use it to inform the future of disease prevention and health care?


We will provide a roadmap on the potential promises of microbiome research and women’s health. We will discuss how incorporating the microbiome into current concepts of human health and disease offers the potential to revolutionize the future of how we predict, prevent, diagnose, and treat illnesses in women and their progeny.

How can studying the transformation of simple cells to living organisms help us understand human development?


We will illuminate key stages in early human development, address novel systems to study developmental milestones, and discuss ways to better understand early health and disease trajectories that may offer new opportunities for diagnosis, treatment, and disease prevention, starting from the earliest stages of our lives.