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View Videos from Past Magee-Womens Summits

Since 2018, the Magee-Womens Summit has convened scientific and clinical innovators to discuss how women’s health and reproductive sciences should be transformed in the 21st century.


Explore videos from past Magee-Womens Summits below, or visit our YouTube page.


2021 Magee-Womens Summit: Scientific Pathways of Health

Women’s health issues present some of the most intriguing—and impactful—scientific and clinical challenges of our time.


2021 Magee-Womens Summit Video


Though historically understudied, the field of women’s health has made tremendous strides in recent years, and the Magee-Womens Summit applies the latest in research and technological breakthroughs to these topics, inspiring knowledge creation as well as better clinical outcomes.


The 2021 Magee-Womens Summit themes were Healthy Beginnings, Shaping Metabolism, and Healthy Mind Through Transitions

Awarded at each Magee-Womens Summit, the Magee Prize is a $1 million prize for collaborative and transformative research within women’s and reproductive sciences

2018 Magee-Womens Summit

The Magee-Womens Summit serves as a premier forum for scientific exchange on topics related to early human development and women’s health and wellness across the lifespan.


2018 Magee-Womens Summit Recap 

2018 $1 million Magee Prize Winners Interview